"AP gets the job done. As recruiters they engage equally with candidates and employers. They succeed in understanding what each need out of the situation, working through all of the details until all the 'eyes' are dotted and all of the 'tees' crossed. In the end they deliver a result which pleases everyone involved. I would highly recommend AP for your next job or candidate search." Sr. Developer, HedgeSERV HedgeServ

Code of Conduct Guidelines

AP representation does not come at a monetary cost, but there are certain procedures essential for our relationship to be successful.

Represent yourself truthfully

It's crucial to know yourself well, present yourself honestly and give an accurate representation of yourself to Andiamo Partners to ensure the most positive interactions with the AP Team and your prospective employers.

Focus on the right jobs; don't apply to jobs for which you're not qualified

Before applying to a job, be sure that you meet the qualifications specified.   We seek quality over quantity. 

Adhere to interview schedules

Interviews are always scheduled within your given availability. In an effort to maintain interest from our clients in conducting interviews, we are only able to reschedule interviews under extreme circumstances. If you can’t make an interview due to an unexpected event, notify your AP recruiter or the employer at the earliest possible moment.

Be organized in your Job Search

Your duty as a job seeker is to know where and when you have applied or interviewed with any firms in the past year. 

Track positions to which you apply, interview for, and are offered in order to accurately represent your activity.  Before you accept an offer or your job status changes notify your recruiter immediately.

Interview Attentively

Firms expect candidates to ask enough questions to form a good opinion about whether they want the job or not.  Gather all information you may require to make an educated decision as to your next steps in the interview process and communicate such honestly to your recruiter.

Invite qualified friends

Andiamo Partners’ Referral Bonus program rewards you for bringing your network of top talent to our attention when we are able to successfully match your referral and our clients’ needs.