Andiamo Partners’ Clients

We have developed a focused expertise in recruiting technical professionals for financial services.  The financial services industry encompasses a broad range of organizations that deal with the management of money. Among these organizations are Investment banks, Foreign exchange services, and Investment services; as well as stock brokerages, private equity and venture capital firms.

Andiamo Partners Clients

For example some of the long term relationships we have established with investment banks are those in the top 10 best-positioned firms for 2010; based on the strength of the firms' balance sheets, their ability to pay market rate compensation, and bench-strength of their staff. (Here is the City)


  • We believe that knowledge is paramount to successful execution – which is why we have developed a focused expertise in recruiting technical professionals for financial services.
  • Our niche is our edge. Andiamo Partners Recruiters are tapped into relevant market information.

Established Clientele:

  • At Andiamo Partners we pride ourselves on maintaining a long term client base as well as selectively qualifying and acquiring additional business.
  • Practiced in client to client nuances lends to valuable insight; including environment, interview style, offer process etc.

Established Relationships:

  • Focus of Quality over Quantity


Case Studies:

Starting in 2006 as 1 of 60 total vendors Andiamo Partners quickly established the ability to deliver top quality candidates to this full-service global investment banking and securities firm. After just one year of service, Andiamo Partners was named a Platinum Vendor. A status only 10 out of the 60 vendors hold. This is a status we continue to hold today.

Another global financial services firm had 50 vendors at the beginning of 2004. At year end review vendors were graded based on submittal to interview ration, interview to hire etc. Of those 50 vendors only 5 were selected as Tier-One Vendors, a status we continue to uphold over 5 years later.