Easing the hiring process

Our approach is flexible. We support and, if need be, can help build upon firms’ processes, so from initial presentation to the on boarding process, Andiamo Partners simplifies by delivering the “best process” to suit specific business needs.

Defining Requirements

  • AP can assist in developing an accurate, detailed job description that will attract the sort of employees you need
  • If a detailed description already exists; we dig to understand  required vs. desired skills, to ensure the right candidates are making it to your desk   

Candidate Presentation:

  • Consistent and relevant information presented in addition to every resume; including a tailored synopsis on candidates appropriateness, reason for leaving, compensation history and more.  

Managing Expectations  

  • Andiamo Partners handles feedback, coordinating and scheduling to continue move the process forward, instead of tying you up.
  • Ability to prepare candidates for a quick process, or maintain candidates interest should the process slow down.

Candidate Liaison

  • Representing candidates’ motivations. For the best people accepting one job over another is rarely about money. Understanding and managing motivation drives successful hires.

On Boarding Process

  • Eliminating counter offers
  • Negotiating compensation and benefit package. Our open lines of communication to candidates allow us to negotiate and craft outcomes to satisfy mutual interests.
  • Background and References Checks
  • Work History & Compensation Verification