"Brian reached out to me with a phenomenal opportunity that he matched me up with based on my resume and a brief conversation. He worked closely with me, answering all of my questions every step of the way. He replied promptly to all of my emails and questions and was on top of tracking feedback throughout the process. I highly recommend him based on this 'above and beyond' interaction." Associate, Technology Markit Group markit

Interview Skills Preparation

Proper preparation is essential for even the most seasoned interviewee,  as interview necessities differ from role to role and firm to firm.  Due to our long term relations and in depth knowledge of our clients, Andiamo Partners can prepare you with a level of information you will not find elsewhere.

  • Strategies that will set you apart and common sense tips that can fall by the wayside.
  • Learning to concisely highlight relevant accomplishments, experience and core competencies to stand out among the interviewees.
  • Learning how to build a rapport with interviewers.  

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Building a Rapport

Give the most difficult interviewer an  opportunity to talk about themselves by asking them a leading question based on your research (e.g. I understand that you won the Gold IT Egg award last year?) then demonstrate that you are a good listener. Let them go on about themselves. They won't know why but after you leave they'll probably remember you as the candidate that they liked.


 Logic is used in most intellectual activity, especially mathematics and computer science. Logic examines general forms which arguments may take, which forms are valid, and which are fallacies.

Technical Interviews

  • DEVFYI- exhaustive but fabulous site General Q&A with a big! big! big! collection of interview questions and answers in many technical areas: Java, JSP, ASP, C++,C#,.NET,ORACLE, PL/SQL,Perl, struts, XML etc. This is a great resource not only when you're being interviewed, but also as a general crib sheet to keep your skills sharp. — Wendy Boswell About Guide to Web Search
  • Bing Programmer Interview



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