"Brian reached out to me with a phenomenal opportunity that he matched me up with based on my resume and a brief conversation. He worked closely with me, answering all of my questions every step of the way. He replied promptly to all of my emails and questions and was on top of tracking feedback throughout the process. I highly recommend him based on this 'above and beyond' interaction." Associate, Technology Markit Group markit

Negotiation & On Boarding Process

Few people enjoy negotiating salaries.   Andiamo Partners Recruiters and Account Managers are practiced and effective professional negotiators who focus on meeting both parties’ underlying interests.

Having honestly communicated the driving force of your job search, Andiamo Partners clearly articulates your motivations throughout the offer process and strives to create win-win solutions.   

  • Counter Offer strategies
  • Negotiating compensation and benefit package
  • Preparing for Day One and beyond

In addition to process expectations on a per client basis- here are articles from in our experiences that have some useful tips

Compensation and Benefit Packages

Day One