Prepare to speak to an Andiamo Partners Recruiter

When you know what motivates you professionally, you'll provide clear answers that put you and your AP Recruiter on the same page.

Information gathered will include:

Current Role/Responsibilities: 

This is an opportunity to highlight responsibilities of your current role to your AP Recruiter, emphasizing points you would want directly relayed to potential employers.

  • Core Skills:  What are your core technical and financial skills? Where do you consider yourself an expert?
  • Technical: ex. Java, JavaScript, AJAX technologies, experience with GWT  
  • Financial: ex. fixed income/ derivatives: structured products. Is staying in a Fixed Income role important?
  • Core Skill Development:  ex.  What skills motivate your next role change?

Desired Position:

  • What motivates your search: Career Growth, Stable firm, Cut down commute, New/Exciting Environment, Larger or Smaller firm, More money, Better Division, Seeking promotion/bigger title outside, Technology, etc. 
  • Honestly communicating your driving force is essential in allowing your AP Recruiter to properly represent your motivations.  For most people accepting one job over another is only sometimes about money, maybe for you it is all about location, so being honest and open from the get go establishes a strong baseline to move forward accurately. 

Job type

  • Are you interested in contract or permanent work? both?  

Compensation History 

  • What is your current base salary?  
  • Do you receive a bonus?   % or fixed?  
  • Additional incentives?

Desired Compensation

  • What is your targeted salary range? total reward?

Job Search Availability

  • Passive (not looking), passive & looking, actively looking, actively interviewing  etc.
  • Your AP Recruiter should be aware of your “Job Clock”.  Are you willing to wait weeks for the perfect role?  Or are you more interested in getting into a great company immediately in a role you see yourself advancing. 

Interview Availability

  • Are you prepared to start taking off work to interview?  How much notice would you need to schedule a phone interview?  In person interview?


  • Where do you currently live?
  • Where are you willing to commute for a position? 
  • Are you willing to relocate for a position?  Locations? At your own expense?

I-9 Status

  • Are you authorized to work in the US for any employer?
  • US Citizen, Green Card holder
  • TN, F1, O1 H1B Visa: original entry date and Visa max out date?