"AP gets the job done. As recruiters they engage equally with candidates and employers. They succeed in understanding what each need out of the situation, working through all of the details until all the 'eyes' are dotted and all of the 'tees' crossed. In the end they deliver a result which pleases everyone involved. I would highly recommend AP for your next job or candidate search." Sr. Developer, HedgeSERV HedgeServ

Andiamo Partners’ Team

Our highly trained and dedicated Account Managers, Recruiters and Research Analysts have intimate knowledge of the information technology and financial services specialties.


  • We believe that knowledge is paramount to successful execution - that’s why we have developed a focused expertise in recruiting technical professionals for global banks, hedge funds, and other financial institutions.
  • Our niche is our edge.  AP Recruiters are tapped into relevant market information.


Established Clientele

  • We pride ourselves on maintaining a long term client base as well as selectively qualifying and acquiring additional business.
  • Practiced in client to client nuances lend to valuable insight; including environment, interview style, offer process etc.