Andiamo Partners’ Values

The foundation upon which our decisions are based.

1. Employees

We value employee development, believing that the company will prosper by growing future company leaders from within our ranks.

2. Clients

We value long-term client relationships and recognize the importance of consistently supporting their business with the highest level of service.

3. Candidates

We value the quality of our candidate interactions and recognize how they affect our ability to service our clients.

4. Integrity

We value our high standard of integrity as we interact with clients, candidates, and each other.

5. Identity

We value our unique culture that promotes the balance of autonomy and entrepreneurial spirit with high expectations.

6. Hard Work

We value hard work and recognize the importance of celebrating our successes.

7. Reputation

We value our current reputation in the marketplace and recognize the benefits of furthering an industry reputation of quality and integrity.

8. Creativity

We value the quality that comes from an open and honest forum for the sharing of ideas.

9. Action

We value action and believe that our success depends upon how faithfully we live these values.

10. Profit

We value the power of our people and our processes to generate profits and recognize that our quantitative success is measured by profit.